We Can Help Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster

Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster

Prevent a clogged garbage disposal during the holidays with advance preparation. There are specific rules of thumb that you should follow to prevent a disastrous day.

Never put grease, eggshells or other hard to grind items into your London garbage disposal. However, even with the best intentions, you may find yourself with a clogged garbage disposal. Follow a few simple tips to unclog your garbage disposal or drain.

How to Repair Garbage Disposal

Learn how to repair your own plumbing problems to avoid having to pay hefty charges for a plumbing engineer during the holidays. The first step is to press the reset button that is located on the bottom of the garbage disposal. If you can hear the disposal hum, but it does not grind, then you will need to unclog the grinders.

Unplug the garbage disposal, and use a wrench with a hex shape to unbind the impeller. Look for any type of material that is keeping the metal plate from rotating. Needle-nose pliers do a great job in removing debris. Plug the garbage disposal back into the socket and turn it on. If it still does not work, you may have to call an engineer.

Things to Avoid

Keep your garbage disposal clean by using dish soap and letting the disposal run for a minute. Use cold water to allow grease to solidify in order to be ground and flushed out.

Avoid placing large vegetables and other foods in the disposal without being chopped up into little pieces. Never grind paper, plastic or glass inside your disposal.

Do not use hot water while running your London home disposal since it can also clog your drain. Pasta and rice will expand inside your disposal and may clog your drain. If you use harsh chemicals inside your drain, a plumbing engineer may charge you more money. Keep your disposal clean with a few ice cubes on a regular basis.

Maintenance Tips

Grind citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges to keep your disposal smelling good. Avoid placing potato peels inside your disposal because they are difficult to grind.

Bones, pits and seeds may cause your disposal to stop working. Let your disposal run for up to one minute after it is finished grinding. This will ensure that all food particles have left the drain and avoids clogs.

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