Time to Get Ready for Winter

Top 5 Home Winterization Tips

Freezing weather during the winter months can take its toll on your London home, and many homeowners will take numerous steps to protect their home throughout the winter.

By weatherizing your home now, you can reduce the likelihood that your home will be damaged by the cold weather. Some steps can also help you and your family to stay more comfortable indoors all winter long, and some can improve energy efficiency during the cold months of the year. If you are ready to start preparing your home for winter, you can easily follow these helpful tips.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Air leaks around windows and doors are unfortunately common, and during the winter, they can let the cold outdoor air into your home. This can cause a chilly draft in your London home, and it can make your heater run more frequently than it needs to. This can result in high energy costs and even repair issues with your heater throughout the winter.

Sealing the gaps and cracks around the windows and doors is easy to do. You can seal them with the application of fresh caulk, or you can apply new trim pieces as needed.

Service Your Heater

If you know that your heater was struggling at the end of last season, now is a great time to schedule repair service. Even if it was operating well for you, you can schedule annual maintenance service.

These steps will help to ensure that the system operates with peak efficiency for energy savings and will ensure that it can keep your home warm all winter long. It can also reduce the chance that the heater will break during the winter.

Schedule Plumbing Service

Another helpful tip is to contact a engineer for winterization on your plumbing features. Pipes can easily freeze during cooler weather, and this can cause them to burst.

Burst pipes can be costly issues that can result in engineer repair bills, property damage and even higher than normal water bills. When you schedule plumbing service, a engineer can protect your outdoor pipes from freezing. For example, a engineer could wrap your exterior pipes and can drain your sprinkler system pipes.

The winter months can easily be detrimental to your home in a number of ways, but your efforts now to winterize your home can reduce the impact of cold weather conditions on your property. Follow these tips now, and your home will be ready for the upcoming cold weather season.

Winter is almost upon us in the London, UK area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call FD Plumbing & Heating at 020 7060 4770 today!

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