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Saving space is a popular theme for many homeowners, as they try to come up with innovative design ideas to do more with less. One area that often gets consideration for space saving designs is the bathroom. If you don’t have a lot of space, but still want something stylish and attractive, a wet room might be the ideal solution.

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What is a Wet Room?

A wet room refers to a bathroom that has a shower that is not enclosed and has a floor that sits evenly with the rest of the room. Sometimes, the shower is positioned behind a single wall or divider, but it isn’t enclosed in the traditional way. There is an outlet set into the floor that the water from the shower drains into. Wet rooms help save space if you have a small bathroom, and still allow you to create something stylish. They are practical for people with mobility issues because there is no need to step over anything to get into the shower. The simple layout of most wet rooms makes them easier to clean, which is a benefit for any homeowner.

Keys to Successful Wet Room Installation

Ensuring your wet room is completely watertight is one of the main keys to successful installation. Identifying leaks can be challenging, so professional installation is a must. Another key to success is making sure gradient flooring is correctly installed, so the water from the shower drains away efficiently and doesn’t result in big puddles in the middle of the floor. These, and other technical considerations make it important to use a professional design team and installers.

What Can I Include in My Wet Room Design?

Space might prohibit you from including everything you want in your wet room, but there aren’t any restrictions if you have the space. Most wet rooms have a toilet, basin and shower, but you can also have a bathtub and any fixtures or accessories you like. Simplicity and economy of space is the main thought for most people, but adding personal touches to make it your own is always nice.

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