London Waste Disposal Unit Repair & Installation

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Waste Disposal Unit Repair Installation Services in London, UK

Your home’s waste disposal unit helps the kitchen run smoothly, because you save time that you’d normally spend clearing food off the plates and out of bowls before rinsing. This may seem trivial, but it certainly makes mealtimes a lot easier. The waste disposal unit in action works like magic as it sucks up the food, chews it up and swallows it down. One of the more disheartening sights you can see in the kitchen is when the waste disposal unit won’t turn on the way it should, or the blades will no longer churn up the food properly. At times like these, a quick call to your local engineer is what you need.

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Common Waste Disposal Unit Problems

Since your waste disposal unit includes elements of the plumbing system, the electrical system, plus hardware and mechanical processes that all must come together to make it work, a problem with any one of these parts can cause a malfunction. Common issues include shorts in the electrical circuitry, blocked pipes or leaking pipes in the plumbing system, or dulled and broken blades. Electrical problems will result in the unit not turning on at all, while plumbing issues may result in the pulverised food items coming back up after they’ve been processed. If the blades are dull, then the food won’t be processed properly, which could result in a blocked pipe.

The Need for Professional Installation & Repair

Regardless of the type of problem you are having with your waste disposal unit, it is important to rely on professionals to repair it for you. There may be subtle problems that extend beyond the obvious issue you’ve encountered, and only an experienced engineer will be able to identify them. Not to mention, the possibility of an injury or other dangerous situation always exists with an appliance of this nature. You should also call on professionals when you have your unit installed for the first time. There are building regulations that must be followed, and each system must tie in correctly with one another for it to run efficiently and safely.


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