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A plumbed fridge refers to a refrigerator that is connected to the plumbing system in your home. Usually, this means you can pour yourself a glass of cold water from the front of the fridge, or make ice cubes or crushed ice. Plumbed fridges are useful in that they add another dimension to the standard fridge. Of course, an added dimension also means one more thing to go wrong, and a plumbed fridge is no different.


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Possible Plumbed Fridge Issues

One of the biggest potential issues that a plumbed fridge can encounter is not having the plumbing connected properly. Plumbed fridges act as a water and ice dispenser, so if the plumbing part isn’t hooked up properly, the water may leak inside the fridge, against the back wall or onto the floor. If any leaking water gets into the electrical circuitry, the fridge and possibly other appliances and fixtures may not work.



Count on Professional Installation

For these reasons, having your plumbed fridge installed by a reputable professional is the only way to go. The process isn’t overly complex for a skilled engineer, but for the average homeowner there are many potential pitfalls that could lead to disaster. It’s important to remember that just because a trained professional makes something look routine, doesn’t mean it is routine. When you have your plumbed fridge installed by a reputable engineer, you can feel at ease knowing that the job was done correctly, and that you’ll be able to use your fridge without issue whenever you like. Trusting the installation to professionals also provides a measure of accountability, because they must stand behind their work.

Locating the Best Possible Installer

Knowing that you should use the best professional installer and finding that installer are two different things, so it is important to look for an engineer with extensive experience in the industry. Consider the prices, but don’t focus on them above all else, because chasing the lowest price is the surest way to find a poor quality installer.


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