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Are you looking for effective London toilet repair or installation services? Call 020 7060 4770 today and we will send a qualified engineer to start the process. A malfunctioning toilet has the ability to disrupt your entire family’s life, so don’t hesitate if you have a problem. Take advantage of our online specials and deals when you click here now.

Toilet Repair Installation Services in London, UK

The last thing any homeowner wants is a serious toilet leak or blockage that results in their loo being out of commission for any length of time. Not only are toilet repairs messy; if you only have one in your household, a broken toilet poses some challenging logistical questions. Having access to a reliable engineer can make all the difference in the world if your loo stops working and you need help fast.

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Signs of Toilet Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Keeping your toilets in good working order is important for a number of reasons. If the toilet is damaged, it will usually show some telltale signs that should let you know it’s time for repairs. If the toilet refuses to flush and you’ve checked the hardware and the tank, it’s wise to call for help. If you notice leaking around the base of the toilet, there might be water damage underneath that is rotting the wood. If the toilet has moved off its base even the slightest bit, you should call for professional repair or replacement.



Ways to Prevent Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet deserves to be in a category of its own because of the disruption and damage it can create. Blocked toilets cause frustration in the homeowner, but they can cause damage to pipes and water damage to your floors if they overflow to that point. Most blocked toilets are caused by people flushing things down the pan that shouldn’t be in there, so prevention isn’t overly complex.


It’s always wise to modify the amount of paper you flush down at one time, and thicker types like paper towels shouldn’t be flushed down at all. Items like wet wipes, or anything a child might flush, such as a toy, have no place in your toilet, either. If you are ever unable to clear a blocked loo with a standard plunger, call for assistance and stand back while a professional engineer takes care of it.

Need to Install a New Loo?

n addition to handling blocked toilet problems, we also provide our customers with professional toilet installations. If your toilet is outdated, or you would like to upgrade to a newer model, give us a call and we will help you choose the right product for your home or workplace.

Some of the installation services we provide include swapping outdated toilets with smart, wall-hung pans and concealed cisterns, as well as replacing broken toilet seats. Just let us know your needs and leave the work to our experienced engineers.

It’s important to keep your toilet running smoothly at all times, so take action if you notice signs of trouble. Call FD Plumbing & Heating on 020 7060 4770 in London and the surrounding areas, and we will provide all the answers to your toilet problems.


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