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Concealed Plumbing Design & Installation Services in Hackney, UK

The plumbing system in your home is the backbone of so many different processes that it is crucial to keep it running smoothly at all times. The plumbing system provides water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing the laundry, as well as for heating your home if you use a boiler central heating system. With so many pipes and fixtures, it is common to want to cover them up to keep the aesthetic value high. This is where concealed plumbing comes in.

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The Reason for Concealed Plumbing

Most of the time, concealed plumbing is a matter of aesthetics. No matter what your design preferences happen to be, they may not include plumbing pipes running from floor to ceiling in various rooms throughout your house. Plumbing is a necessity for your home to function, so the pipes have to stay. By creating a design plan to conceal them as part of your overall home décor, you can maintain the functionality of your plumbing system while keeping your home looking wonderful.



Exciting Options in Your Home

There are many possibilities when it comes to concealing pipes inside your home. If you are bothered by any exposed pipe work, speak to our team of experts and we can help you find the perfect solution for hiding it so no one will know that the pipes are there. We can chase pipes into walls, install concealed showers by hiding the valves and water supply pipes behind the tiles, and fit hidden toilet cisterns and wall-hung pans for a clean and seamless finish.

Keeping It Consistent from Start to Finish

The best way to keep all of the elements of your concealed plumbing projects consistent is to use the same provider for the design and installation. When there are too many people making decisions, the results are often muddled and of lower quality. Choose a reputable company to draw up a design plan and then execute it so your plumbing system runs as efficiently as possible, and the pipes are covered in a way that meets all your expectations.


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