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Bidet Installation Services in London, UK

Bidets are used in many households and commercial establishments throughout Britain, and while a person’s first experience may be somewhat daunting, once you become accustomed to it, the effect is quite refreshing.

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Benefits of Using a Bidet

Traditionally, a bidet is a basin that is positioned close to the toilet that’s used to clean your underside after using the bathroom. A gentle spray of warm water is used to get the job done, and there are several benefits to using a bidet that many people don’t know. Using a bidet is sanitary and hygienic, it makes the cleaning process easier for those with limited mobility, and they reduce the need to use so much toilet paper, which provides an environmental benefit.


Common Types of Bidets

In modern bathrooms, there are two types of bidets commonly used. One is the traditional porcelain bidet that’s placed alongside the toilet, and the other is a toilet seat bidet, which is more compact and space conscious. Porcelain bidets may be floor-mounted or wall-mounted and can come in a variety of different design styles. If you don’t have the space in your bathroom for a traditional bidet, the smaller toilet seat bidet is just as effective.

You can choose from an electric toilet seat bidet that enables you to use warm water, or a non-electric version that only provides cold water. In some cultures, a handheld bidet that connects to your toilet’s water supply, or a portable bidet that you can carry around with you, is used.

Trust Professional Installation

Once you decide which type of bidet would work the best, it’s important to consult your local engineer to have it installed correctly. Any item that ties into your plumbing system should be installed by a professional, and if you require modifications to your bathroom in order to have it placed safely, then the need for professional help is even greater. Your engineer will help you decide which type of bidet is best for your home and your family’s needs.



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