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Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Chilly Months Ahead

As autumn approaches, residents of the British Isle face the prospect of significantly lower temperatures and windy, blustering weather in many locations. You can take measures now to prevent three unfortunate disasters which occur all too frequently during colder months:

Avoid Messy Clogs

The arrival of the harvest season leads to many warm, comfortable evening feasts. Whether you celebrate a local festival, or a Guy Fawkes night party, you’ll want to avoid awakening in the morning to a sluggish kitchen sink.

One helpful precaution involves disposing of fats, grease and cooking oils properly. Experts advise never to pour these substances down the drain; fatty liquids congeal, causing slower drainage and clogs.

You can reduce the chance of problems by collecting fats in a jar and taking them to your council’s designated recycling centre. Alternatively, once fats harden dispose of them in a rubbish bin.

Most authorities recommend thoroughly scraping out pans and other cooking utensils prior to washing. Should a problem arise the best solution involves contacting your family’s plumbing engineer promptly. A fall inspection will help ensure that your dwelling enjoys adequate drainage.

Prevent Boiler Accidents

Another worrisome autumn disaster involves faulty boilers and your London home water heating systems. Unfortunately, surveys reveal that an estimated 60% of the households in the UK drink water described as “hard” or “very hard.” The problem of lime deposits building up in this equipment warrants a close annual or biannual inspection by a trained engineer.

By requesting a visit before nasty weather sets in, you save yourself anxiety and, in some circumstances, money. Boiler accidents potentially cause significant property damage. It’s unpleasant to replace this type of essential to your London home fixture because poor maintenance contributed to a significantly lower operational lifespan.

Prepare Vacant Properties For Winter Storms

If you have placed a home for sale, or you happen to own a vacation property that will stand idle over the winter, many experts recommend asking your engineer to drain the plumbing system in anticipation of inclement winter months. In some parts of the UK, extremely cold and icy temperatures cause pipes to freeze.

This situation possibly won’t even come to your attention until the arrival of warmer weather. However, frozen pipes sometimes sustain cracks or ruptures because water expands as it becomes ice. The unfortunate consequences of a broken pipe soon become all too apparent once spring arrives.

Your engineer possesses the training and skills required to attend to your home’s plumbing system prior to an extended period of absence. The small sum you pay for this service brings peace of mind. No one wishes to appear “penny wise and pound foolish!” Your engineer will help protect your home.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call FD Plumbing & Heating at 020 7060 4770 to get your London, UK home inspected.

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