Keep Your Home Germ Free this Season

Keep Airborne Viruses Under Control

The circulation of nasty influenza viruses and colds usually accompanies the arrival of nippy weather. During this time of year, London homeowners can take several measures to help safeguard against the spread of illnesses.

Surprisingly perhaps, your household water pipes and furnace perform an extremely valuable service as you work towards this goal. They represent the front lines in the war against influenza.

Many different strains of influenza virus exist. The viruses that cause influenza mutate frequently, one reason why some cold and flu strains appear so much worse than others. During the First World War, for instance, a terrible strain of influenza causes extensive loss of life in the British Isles and around the world.

When scientists develop influenza vaccines today, they seek to include protection against the strains that appear the most likely to cause problems during the current year.Just consider adopting some sensible measures to reduce the chance of a family member succumbing to airborne viruses.

1. Wash Hands Frequently

While influenza vaccinations assist in preventing influenza from striking your London household, all of us need to do our part to help prevent the spread of illness, too. This includes washing hands frequently. Today, many medical experts believe that hand washing remains one of the most important safeguards anyone can take to ward off some contagious diseases.

People’s hands come into contact with viruses and microbes during the course of a day. Always wash after using the lavatory, before meals, after emptying a waste bin, and after coming into contact with dirt or grime of any sort.

When you cover your mouth after coughing, washing afterwards remains a prudent idea, too. During influenza epidemics, hand washing becomes especially important.

2. Keep Your Furnace in Good Condition

To help maintain your pipes in working condition during cold weather, keep your furnace in good shape. It will help heat the home, and reduce problems of broken pipes.

Especially when struggling to reduce the spread of influenza, you require access to a reliable source of tap water. Asking your engineer to check over your furnace and boiler will help alert you to problems that might lead to broken water pipes during cold.

3. Sanitize Fixtures And Vents

Finally, make sure to keep home fixtures well sanitized. Clean doorknobs, faucets, taps, toilets, baths, kitchen utensils and air vents in your home thoroughly to help reduce the spread of many airborne viruses.

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