Here is the Way to Prevent the Frozen Pipe Issue

Prevent a Burst Pipe in Your Home

During the winter months, many homeowners have to worry about broken pipes. When pipes are too cold, they can freeze and burst. The water damage can flood a home. A professional engineer can assist you with winterizing your home. When you contact a licensed plumber to check your pipes, he will check a few things.

Keeping Your House Warm

The engineer will make sure water is running through pipes at all times. When water stops running, pipes are more likely to freeze. The water turns to ice, and the extra pressure causes pipes to burst.

Most of the time pipes freeze when they are located near a window. The engineer will advise you to circulate warm air towards colder rooms in your London home.

Using Heat Tape and Insulation

A engineer can install heat tape to keep your pipes warm in the winter. While your home is being inspected for air leaks, the plumber will check for cracks in the walls and windows.

If heat is escaping through the walls or windows, the engineer can seal the crack with insulation. Heat is most likely to seep through crawlspaces, so the plumber will make sure all areas of your London home are properly insulated. When it is freezing outside, even a small amount of air can freeze a pipe.

Preparing Your Home for the Winter Months

Pipes are likely to freeze when the temperature drops below freezing. An experienced engineer has the tools needed to seal cracks in walls and windows. Contact a licensed plumber for an evaluation of your plumbing system.

A engineer may recommend heating your basement to prevent frozen pipes. Pipe insulation can also be used to keep water flowing through pipes. The garage and other outdoor buildings are likely to have frozen pipes in the winter months.

When plumbing problems are not immediately repaired, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair water damage. If the damage is severe, the home might need to be remodeled. Do not wait until it is freezing to winterize your home, contact a engineer today.

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