Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

Ways to Prepare Your Boiler for This Winter

When the weather turns cold, the boiler is perhaps the most important piece of machinery that needs to be kept in excellent working condition. However, despite its importance, one homeowner after another fails to do any type of maintenance on their boiler until it breaks down.

But by then not only is the weather bitter cold, but the service call to a technician will result in hundreds of dollars being paid out to get the boiler fixed. Rather than make things harder by going this route, it’s much better to get the boiler prepared for the winter while the weather is warm and comfortable.

Check Flues and Outlets

One of the biggest risks to using a boiler is having a blockage occur in the flue or various outlets, which can result in a buildup of toxic gases and possibly a fire.

To guard against this happening, the flue and all outlets of the boiler should be checked by an HVAC technician for any blockages or damage. If the flue is cracked or damaged in any way, it should be repaired prior to using the boiler.

Have Pressure Levels Checked

If a home has a pressurized boiler system, it’s vital to have the pressure levels checked by a technician to make sure they are well within the safe guidelines. If the pressure is too low or too high, the cause should be determined prior to using it for the winter.

In some cases the pressure gauge may need to be replaced, while in other instances there may be a blockage that is causing pressure to build up inside the boiler.

In some cases, the pressure buildup may be relieved once the radiators are bled. If after doing this the pressure levels are still high, a technician will be needed to determine the problem and make any repairs.

Monitor for Carbon Monoxide

Every year, people get ill or die from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes. Since the gas has no color, taste, or smell, it can’t be detected by humans until it’s too late.

To make sure a possible carbon monoxide leak does not go undetected, most technicians recommend having them install safety monitors on or near the boiler as a precaution. In cases where a boiler is old, damaged, or located in a very confined space, having these carbon monoxide monitors installed can mean the difference between life and death.

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