Get the Real Facts on the Plumbing Myths

The Top Plumbing Myths

Plumbing is one of those fields where just about everyone thinks they can do most of it on their own. And plumbers love those sort of folk, because eventually, they mess something up that requires a plumber to fix. One of the most common ways do-it-yourselfers mess up their plumbing is by believing some of these common plumbing myths.

It’s OK to Use Drain Cleaner Over and Over Again

If drain cleaner unclogs your drain every time, you can keep using it over and over again, right? Well, not really. Drain cleaners are extremely corrosive chemicals, so constant use can eventually damage your pipes.

In addition, if you are having to use a drain cleaner to unclog your pipes more than once every couple of years, it’s probably a sign that you have a larger issue that needs the attention of a plumber.

Lemons will Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, you know it can smell pretty bad at times. Many people think that putting lemons down the disposal is a natural way to freshen it. But it’s actually a bad idea. Lemon juice is corrosive and can damage the metal parts in your London home disposal. Lemon skins also are tough for your disposal to chop up and can cause problems.

You Can Flush Any Paper Down the Toilet

Only toilet paper is meant to be flushed down the toilet. Paper towels and wet wipes do not have the same makeup that allows them to break down easily in water. Flushing them down the toilet is likely to lead to clogs. You also shouldn’t flush diapers, tampons or sanitary napkins.

Running Water in Your Disposal Helps the Waste Go Down

Just about everyone runs the water when using the garbage disposal, although no plumber knows why, because it really doesn’t help. However, running hot water down your disposal can help dissolve fats and oils that may have congealed in there.

Ice Cubes Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal Blades

Putting ice cubes down your London home garbage disposal will not sharped your blades, and it could have the opposite effect. Garbage disposal blades have a lifespan that usually is several years. There really is no way to sharpen them. If your disposal no longer seems to be able to handle the waste being put into it, it’s time for a new disposal.

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