London Gas Appliance Installation

Do you require expert London gas appliance installation? Give us a call at 020 7060 4770 so we can send one of our engineers over to assess the situation. Installing gas and plumbed appliances is no job for amateurs, so do yourself a favour and insist on expert installation every time. Click here if you’d like access to our online coupons and specials.

Gas Appliance Installation Services in London, UK

If there is one set of household appliances that requires careful and expert installation, it is your gas appliances. Whenever the gas line is involved, the potential for serious injury or even death is there if an installation or repair goes awry. Gas appliances help you cook meals, heat your water, wash your clothes and wash your dishes. They provide a world of convenience, but they must be treated with respect.

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If you’d like your boiler replaced, or a new water heater, fire, hob or cooker installed, we’ll look after the whole thing for you, including making any alterations to your pipework that may be required. When we make an installation, we then register it as a matter of course with your local authority, via Gas Safe (excluding flueless cookers, as per current regulations). If you’re buying a new appliance, be it a cooker, a fire or anything else, and you’d like advice on the most suitable type or guidance on technical considerations like heat output or the feasibility of siting it in particular place, just call us. We’ll be pleased to help in any way we can.


The Importance of Professional Installation

Plumbed appliances such as refrigerators, and gas appliances like ovens and gas hobs all require specialised skills to install safely and effectively. Gas oven installs and gas hob installs may seem straightforward, but the gas component makes them hazardous and off limits for amateur installers. Plumbed appliances don’t have the same danger level, but they can end up causing some serious damage if installed incorrectly. If you end up with water leaking under the surface, rotted wood and mould growth is a common result.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money

Keeping your gas and plumbed appliances well maintained is a professional tip to help you save money over the long-term. When your appliances are clean and running efficiently, your energy bills are lower and the appliance requires fewer repairs, even during times of heavy use. Regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of your appliances, so you can delay spending money on new ones.

Most boiler manufacturers recommend that you have your boiler serviced each year, and your warranty could be invalidated if you do not have a complete service record. By doing this for you we can make sure that your boiler is properly adjusted to work efficiently, and that any worn parts are replaced, rather than waiting for them to fail in the depth of winter. Exactly the same goes for your gas appliances.

We’ll check them over for you, replace any worn or defective parts and make sure that they’re working efficiently. We arrive with a detailed Service Maintenance checklist. By working down this list, our engineer will make certain that every component of your gas installation is working efficiently and safely, and we leave a copy with you after we are finished so you can see everything that we have checked.

Get into the habit of having your gas installation and appliances serviced and safety checked every year. We can add you to our schedule to receive an annual reminder. Then you can forget all about it but know that we will be in touch each year.

Tips for Finding a Gas Appliance Expert

Finding a service provider to install your gas and plumbed appliances may not be too difficult, but finding one that is reputable, experienced and highly-skilled isn’t always as easy. Look for a local company that employs fully licensed engineers and has a proven track record in the industry. Affordable prices are important, but if you place the cost at the top of your priority list, you may end up with an engineer that has less skill and experience than you need. Look for experience and reputation first, then find one that is able to work within your budget.


Don’t compromise when it comes to having your gas and plumbed appliances installed. Call FD Plumbing & Heating today at 020 7060 4770 in London and we will take care of everything.


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