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Heating Gas Services in London, UK

Heating and gas covers a wide range of services, from installing radiators and boilers to maintaining appliances, repairing gas leaks and issuing safety certificates. Despite the differences in application and usage, each part of your heating and gas system plays a crucial role in keeping your household comfortable and running smoothly, day after day.

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Common Heating and Gas Issues

Your heating system consists of several components and as such there are several issues you may encounter that affect its performance. If your boiler is older and has lost efficiency you will inevitably see the results in the comfort level of your home. If there is a problem with the gas line that supplies your house, your boiler won’t be able to heat the water that is part of the system. A damaged thermostat will result in irregular temperatures and blocked or broken radiators will inhibit distribution of heat to the rooms in your house.


The Trouble with DIY Installation

Trying to install a central heating system or any gas appliances on your own is dangerous if you don’t have the necessary training and certifications. Only a fully licensed, Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) registered and experienced engineer should attempt to install fixtures or appliances that use electricity, gas and the plumbing system. Amateur installation that includes these elements may result in serious injury or worse, and in many cases a professional has to come out and correct the mistakes that were made. This costs extra money that could have been spent on a proper installation at the beginning.

Finding a Service Provider You Can Trust

Taking the steps to find a trustworthy, reputable and experienced service provider will give you the peace of mind and quality installation you need. Some of the elements that you want to look for include being local, having a good reputation within the community and having experience with the types of services you require. With a local provider, you can get a more accurate idea of what people in your own community think of them, and there is always a higher degree of accountability when the service provider is nearby. In the case of heating and gas, experience is definitely a must. All FD Plumbing & Heating engineers are fully Gas Safe registered, so they are experts at fitting, fixing and servicing your gas and heating systems and appliances.


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