Fix the Toilet, and Flush Again

Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

Toilets present many problems for homeowners, but the most annoying problem is the failure to flush properly. If your London’s home toilet takes some time to drain or continuously drains when you flush, there are several causes for this condition.

London, UK Toilet-Repair-ServicesToilet Does Not Flush

If your London home toilet’s flush lever is not functioning correctly, there are two possible reasons. The first cause of this problem is an empty tank.

The tank is usually supplied with water by the supply line that runs into the tank of the toilet. The valve in the supply line is behind the bowl of the toilet. A good engineer will open the valve and check the inside of the tank to ensure the float is not obstructed or stuck.

The second cause for a toilet that does not flush is that the chain that connects the flush lever and flapper is either loose or broken.

A loose or broken chain will cause the flapper not to open and close and, as a result, the toilet will not flush. A competent engineer will either tighten the chain or replace it.

Bowl Fails to Empty

In many cases, a bowl that fails to empty is a sign of a blockage. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes a toilet bowl may fail to empty because the chain connecting the flapper and flush lever is too long, or the water pressure is too low.

A good engineer will either adjust the length of the chain or check the plumbing lines to correct the water pressure.

Slow and Continuous Flush

Sometimes toilets flush but drain the water slowly or fail to drain everything. The cause for a slow drain or a failure to drain everything is a blockage. Mineral deposits and dirt block how water flows under the toilet bowl’s rim. A skilled engineer will scrub the area under the rim to rectify the problem.

The reason a toilet continuously runs when you flush is a leakage. If the flapper is not correctly positioned when water is flowing into your tank, the water will leak causing the toilet to run. A knowledgeable engineer may adjust your flapper or replace it to remedy the problem.

Your London, UK home toilet issues can be a nuisance to the whole family. Call FD Plumbing & Heating at 020 7060 4770 today, and let’s get your toilet back to its flushing state!

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