Find Out Why Your London Home Heater is Blowing Cold Air

Reasons Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

It can be frustrating trying to figure out why your London home heater is blowing cold air especially if it is freezing outside. There are many factors why your furnace blows cold air. HVAC has suggested various measures to investigate. If all of the following suggestions do not work, it is time to call a licensed professional.

Could Be the Thermostat

HVAC says that most engineers would check the thermostat first. Check to see if the thermostat fan sets to the “on” position. If that is the case, the furnace will keep running without heating the air. The thermostat should be in the “auto” position for it to blow warm air. The fan only comes on when the furnace is running.

HVAC has also suggested that the thermostat gets set higher than the temperature that is in the house. If the temperature is not higher, the furnace will not turn on.

Additionally, some thermostats get connected to central power, and some may have central power with battery backup.

Furthermore, some thermostats work on batteries only. HVAC says to check to see if the batteries in your London home thermostat need replacing.

The thermostat can also malfunction even if the batteries are not completely dead. If the thermostat does not get proper temperature input, the furnace will blow cold air.

Give It Time to Heat Up

According to HVAC, give the heating system time to warm up. As an example, when turning on the water faucet, the hot water is not immediately heated. It takes a few seconds for the water to start getting warm. This happens when the water has not gotten used for several hours.

Pilot Light

If your furnace is blowing cold air, the pilot light may not be working. According to HVAC, you may need to get the pilot light relit.

Sometimes the gas company shuts down the lines for maintenance work or emergencies. That will affect the pilot light.

It Could Be the Ductwork

According to HVAC, it could be a leak in the ducting. Have someone check the attic to make sure that the ducts are properly sealed. Cold air could be leaking through, and that would affect the heating.

Additionally, HVAC suggests that if you check the duct yourself, walk on the joists. Those are the wooden planks running across your attic.

If the heater blows warm air and it gets vented into the attic that has cold air, it will result into your furnace blowing cold air. The cold temperature from the attic cancels out the warm air.

Overheated Furnace

HVAC says that if the furnace filter is dirty, the system will get overheated. The unit will burn hot air and then cold air.

There is a safety device on the furnace that turns itself off if it overheats. A dirty filter will block any airflow to the furnace, which will cause it to overheat.

HVAC says to change the filter, and that should solve the problem.

Check the Flame Sensor

The flame sensor could be dirty according to HVAC. This happens once the furnace is on and blows warm air, and then it suddenly blows cold air. If the flame sensor is dirty, the burner will not stay on. When this happens, HVAC suggests that you make a service call.

Size of the Heater

According to HVAC, the heating system could either be too big or too small for your home. These days, furnaces get customized to give the home sufficient heat. If the system is too big, the house will get warm too quickly. It will not have a chance to penetrate the insulation. This will cause the furnace to kick more frequently. This will increase your energy costs.

However, if the furnace is too small, there will not be enough power to heat your home.

Call the Professionals

If none of the suggested solutions work, it is time to call an HVAC professional. A licensed contractor will have the knowledge and experience to deal with your system.

According to HVAC, most furnaces last about eight to ten years. It could be time to replace your unit.

In conclusion, HVAC has suggested various tips for why your furnace is blowing cold air. The first tip is to check the thermostat to see if it is set to “auto.” Give the system time to heat up. You may have to relight the pilot light.

The ductwork may need to get sealed off properly. The furnace could get overheated due to a dirty filter. The flame sensor could be dirty. The unit may either too big or too small. If all else fails, it is time to call an HVAC professional.

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