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The Latest Toilet Technologies

Plumbing companies have always encountered new obstacles every few years. But they were usually part of the program. They were what a engineer would expect to encounter.

Today, plumbing companies have to know how to navigate through the best tech of this lucrative industry. New toilets are flooding the market to revolutionize the bathroom experience and the toilet as a product.

People in the London area have higher expectations as they shop for a toilet. Just as people want cars, televisions, and phones that integrate the latest technological advances, they also want toilets that integrate the latest tech. This is something that a competent plumbing company will need to know how to navigate through.

1 – The Numi toilet.

There are basically two features and functions that people are looking for in their new toilets. First, they want the toilet to optimize comfort. This means that they do not want to have cold feet or feel a toilet seat that has been chilled by a bitter winter morning. The Numi comes with this advance, controlled by a remote. Second, the user needs convenience.

Tech is supposed to make our lives easier. The Numi does that with a motion censoring lid so that husbands do not need to remember to put the lid down. That old cliche is quickly becoming an element of the past.

2 – W.W (Washbasin + Watercloset)

Many consumers in the London area are sensitive about how much money they are going to have to spend every month on their water and electricity bill. They need toilets that offer saving. Also, saving water is eco-friendly in that many scientists are suggesting that the resources on our planet are being quickly depleted.

The W.W. makes the sink and the toilet into a single unit. The water from the sink is transferred into the toilet bowl and recycled.

3 – Waterless toilet system.

Consider again the ideal of saving water. But suppose you could do more. The Loowatt toilet packages human waste into a cartridge that has biodegradable lining, which is emptied into an anaerobic digester.

This means that human waste can be transformed into natural gas. By using this model, people are reducing the need for off-shore drilling, fracking, and contributing to our planet’s resources.

You need a plumbing company who can navigate these new systems. If you would like to find one in your London, UK area, call FD Plumbing & Heating at 020 7060 4770.

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