Figure Out How to Drain Your Water Heater

How to Drain Your Water Heater

Many London homeowners are not aware that a water heater needs to be flushed out every couple of years. The exact time between draining is dependent upon the make and model of the water heater. You can consult your owner’s manual for precise information. The following are a few things you need to know.

The Reason Flushing Out Your Water Heater is Important

The chief reason for this is to slow down or eliminate the build-up of mineral deposits inside the heater. How big of a problem this is for your water heater is dependent upon how hard the water is in your local water supply.

If you take the time to flush out the water heater yourself or have it done for you, your water heater is likely to run more efficiently and last longer. Both of these things will save you money. One savings will be on your utility bill and the other is the replacement cost of a new water heater.

It is Deceptively Easy to Do

The reason for this is that the steps taken to flush your London home water heater are few and seemingly simple to follow. The fist thing to do is shut off the power. For most people this is a gas shutoff that is located on the heater.

After this, you turn off the water, and then drain the water out of the water tank, usually with a garden hose. Turn off the drain, and then turn the water back on and the gas. However, there are several things that can go wrong.

Problems an Amateur May Experience Doing this Work

People are frequently burned by the hot water draining from the heater. You need to make sure that the water has cooled down before draining. Also, you need to have enough empty containers to hold the water. Either this or you can run a garden hose from the tank to your yard and deposit the water there.

Reasons to Consider Having a Engineer Do This Work for You

A professional engineer will avoid rookie mistakes that are commonly made. In addition, a engineer will be able to inspect your water heater for any problems that are developing. A small repair today can prevent big problems in the future.

In inclusion, you need to flush your water heater periodically. The best course of action is to make a note of the model number and manufacturer of the heater and call a good engineer.

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