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The Fall is the perfect time to improve the ventilation in your London home. Most London homes have been artificially sealed up due to their designs. This actually makes sense most of the year because it’s important to keep air that has been cooled or heated in the house.

However, when Fall rolls in many people are going to want to experience the absolutely beautiful fresh air that is available.

A Whole House Ventilation System Is a Great Addition

Growing in popularity these days is the professional installation of the “whole house ventilation system.” This type of system, which can be quickly installed by a certified engineer, works a bit differently than traditional ventilation which brings in outside air from open windows and leaks. The ventilation system brings air into the conditioned area automatically, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air at all times. This full house ventilation is controlled by dampers and fans.

The dampers prevent air from infiltrating when the system is not being used. Another huge benefit of this type of system is that it is constantly working to remove all excess moisture from the house.

This prevents the buildup of mold, which is a huge source of air quality problems indoors. The air in the house generally smells very fresh with this type of system.

An Energy Recovery System Solves Several Problems at Once

An energy-recovery system is also a strong option. Your engineer can install a heat exchanger that pulls the heat from the air as it leaves the house and then uses it to warm the air that’s coming in.

In the summertime, this configuration accomplishes the exact opposite goal, cooling the warm air. This system keeps the ventilation at peak levels and the air temperature very comfortable. This is an affordable option and can be installed by a qualified engineer quickly.

Passive Ventilation Can Be Used Alone or along with a Mechanical Ventilation System

Many people would choose to go with passive ventilation. These are non-mechanical systems that can be used alone or in combination with mechanical ventilation systems.

This type of configuration will involve the engineer installing vents in all the home’s exterior walls and windows. This allows the air that’s outdoors to move into the house in a manner you control. Passive ventilation systems improve air quality in a very cost effective manner and should be considered a strong contender.

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