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Benefits of Radiant Heating

Deciding which type of heating will work best for your home may require a deeper understanding of the different types of systems available for a home. Radiant heating systems and other heating options have their share of advantages for property owners.

There is a difference between radiant heating and styles of heating systems. How heat is created and distributed is the primary difference between the two types of heating systems.

What’s the Difference Between Radiant Heating and Other Types of Heating Systems?

Convection and radiant heating are the most common heating systems for households. A convection heating is used by portable space heaters. The convection system distributes heat by blowing air over a surface.

The air is distributed overhead and circulated through the room into the air. Radiant heat works by pushing heat into the floor level. The heat distributed this way permits maximum absorption by items. The air itself doesn’t have to be heated or pushed through an actual air systems.

What Are the Benefits of Using Radiant Heating?

People choose radiant heating because of their ability to control how the heat is distributed throughout the space. An area of the home can be isolated and heated. This deliberate, focused approach to heating gives London homeowners increased flexibility and their ability to manage the comfort levels in a specific area.

Because air is produced more efficiently, less is spent on heating costs. The heating approach is also more hygienic. The heating takes place without being pushed through ductwork in the home, which is a bonus for those suffering from allergies.

This means that the heat reliably reaches the designated areas in the home, which means less heat is lost during the process. As much as 30 percent of the heat released through a convection heating system can escape during the process.

Achieving a comfortable temperature with radiant heating allows one to operating the heating systems at much lower levels, because it doesn’t have to be pushed through the ductwork.

There is also less noise, since the radiant heating systems distribute the air quietly throughout the area. London homeowners can take advantage of different types of energy sources for powering their systems, including solar, oil, wood and gas.

Varieties of Heating

Heating systems come in different varieties. Convection heating systems distribute air overhead through the ductwork while radiant heating systems release heat that is absorbed by objects.

The energy efficient radiant heating systems offer greater flexibility in zoning and can lower energy costs for a household. The sanitary approach to heating reduces allergy symptoms while effectively providing a greater level of comfort for the specified zone.

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