London Vented & Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation, Repair & Maintenance

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Vented Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Services in London, Uk

Hot water cylinders are a crucial element when it comes to delivering hot water to your home. They are designed to keep the water hot as it is being stored, so it is ready when you need it. There are two main types of hot water cylinder to choose from; vented and unvented. Each type has its own characteristics and benefits.

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Difference Between Vented and Unvented

Vented and unvented hot water cylinders have different set ups. A vented cylinder uses a vent pipe that makes it react to the current atmospheric pressure. The mains water is fed to a cold water storage tank, and it is stored there until needed by one of the appliances in your home. Unvented cylinders work directly from the mains water, and while the principle is the same, the flow of water can be better.



Benefits of a Vented Cylinder

The benefits of using a vented hot water cylinder in your home include being less complex to install and less costly to install and maintain. This indirect heating method is more economical overall, which is the only real option for many homeowners who are on a strict budget.

We install, maintain and replace traditional vented cylinders, fed from cold water storage tanks that are normally located in your loft space. We are able to carry out all work on these cylinders, and can supply new cylinders at good prices using our trade discount.

Benefits of an Unvented Cylinder

With an unvented cylinder, hot water is provided at mains pressure, so the flow is better and more dependable. Typically, showers are more enjoyable and use less space because there is no need for a cold water storage tank. The fact that mains pressure is being used and not just gravity, you can position the cylinder almost anywhere and it will still work effectively. These unvented cylinders are more costly than their vented cousins, but the greater water pressure is worth it for many people.

Installing a New Hot Water Cylinder

We install, maintain and repair all types of hot water systems, from electric to gas heated. As every property is different, and everyone has their own requirements, it’s best to talk to us if you’re refurbishing your property or you want to replace your existing hot water system to make it more efficient (or to free up space that’s being occupied by a large cold water tank or an unnecessarily bulky old cylinder).

One of our technical experts will come over to discuss your requirements with you. He’ll check over your property’s specifications and then suggest the best solution for your particular needs.

Whichever system you decide on, make sure you bring in a reputable, experienced and fully-qualified engineer to install the cylinder for you. Corrections and repairs after a poor quality installation can be costly, and badly installed unvented cylinders can potentially prove more dangerous than a gas explosion, so leave the hard work to professionals.

Whatever your requirements, a cylinder from the Megaflo range will very often provide the solution you are looking for. There are a wide range of models to choose from, for use with and without external boilers, and in a range of sizes suitable for even very large properties.


If you need a vented or unvented hot water cylinder installed in your home or workplace, or if you have any concerns about the performance of your existing cylinder, call FD Plumbing & Heating on 020 7060 4770 for service in London and the surrounding areas. One of our experts will be only too happy to help. Our engineers will go through the pros and cons of each system, and you will receive the best hot water cylinder for your property and budget.


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