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Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation & Repair Services in London, UK

For central heating systems that use a boiler to heat your home and bathing water, it is important that the temperature of the bath and shower water is tempered to prevent scalding. Hot showers and baths are always comforting, but if the temperature reaches a point that it causes damage to the skin, it is anything but relaxing. A high quality thermostatic mixing valve as part of your system will keep the water temperatures safe for your family.

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What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve blends hot and cold water together so the outlet temperatures of your bath, basin and shower are constant and safe. This helps prevent scalding, which is always a concern when the water is too hot. When you use a thermostatic rather than static mixing valve, you have more control over the temperature. Some thermostatic mixing valves have the ability to shut off automatically if the hot or cold water supply fails to prevent thermal shock or scalding.


The Need for Timely Repair

The role that your thermostatic mixing valve plays in the regulation of hot water dictates the need for timely repairs if it malfunctions in any way. Leaving a broken or damaged TMV will only lead to someone in your family being scalded by hot water, no matter how safe everyone tried to be. If any of the controls stop working or the performance of the valve starts to slide, contact your local engineer to come in and provide the repairs you need.

Don’t Try It Yourself

Just as the important role of the thermostatic mixing valve creates a need for timely repair, it also creates a need for leaving the repairs to qualified professionals. Trying to repair your TMV on your own may work out fine, but if it doesn’t, do you really want to put your family in harm’s way? If you have children in the house, the potential for scalding hot water to cause permanent damage is too great. Leave the repairs and installation to professionals and enjoy the peace of mind.


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