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Shower Installation Services in London, UK

If you are like most people, giving up your daily shower is something you may not be willing to do. However, if the shower in your home was poorly installed or if it is of low quality, you might find yourself without a shower to use. Having a dependable system that you can count on for years into the future begins with quality installation.

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Common Shower Issues

Your shower can encounter several different problems that jeopardise its performance, starting with a leak. The enclosure of the shower may be the culprit when it comes to a leak, but that may not always be the case. Sometimes, the silicone sealant around the shower is not applied correctly or it deteriorates over time, causing a leak. If the grout in your shower has been there for quite some time, you may notice water leaking through the tile grout joints. When this happens, the water from the shower can seep into the walls. When this happens, re-tiling is necessary.


Professional Installation is Key

In order to ensure that all connections, adhesives and placements are precise, it is wise to use professional shower installers. When a professional installer is in charge, there are no sloppy, amateur mistakes that can lead to leaks like the ones mentioned above. Improper connection to the plumbing system can also lead to leaking in other areas that can end up causing serious water damage and mould growth. Rotting wood beneath the surface can weaken the structure and extensive mould growth can cause respiratory problems for members of your family.

Benefits of Using Shower Pumps

If you want to increase water pressure and enjoy a more invigorating shower experience, you may want to consider installing a shower pump. Shower pumps boost the water pressure and are used in many homes. When the pump is installed, your engineer can make any necessary pressure adjustments so the water flow is to your liking. If you are upgrading your shower, why not add a shower pump to customise your shower experience?


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