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Radiator Repair & Maintenance Services in London, UK

Your radiators play an integral role in keeping the central heating system in your home running smoothly. They are positioned in the rooms of your home to project comforting heat into the air, from the heated water that has been sent through the system by your boiler. If the radiators are not working to full capacity, the journey will be incomplete, and the temperatures you’ve set on your thermostat won’t be met. Regular radiator maintenance is one way to keep them functioning at a high level of efficiency, all year long.

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Why Do I Need Radiator Maintenance?

Like with any home appliance, your radiators need to be properly maintained during the course of their lives. When time is taken to provide proper maintenance, the radiators are cleaner and they run more efficiently without any problems. Efficient radiators mean radiators that distribute heat evenly throughout the room, and don’t put an extra burden on any other part of the system to do it.



What’s Included in Radiator Maintenance?

When you have radiator maintenance performed you can expect radiator bleeding, radiator leaking, radiator noise repair and an inspection and repair of your radiator valves. Radiator bleeding consists of releasing trapped air or gas that is inside the system that is preventing the hot water from heating your radiator completely. It’s important to make sure the central heating system is off for radiator bleeding because the radiators have to cool down. One common sign that air is trapped in the radiator is when it is warm at the bottom but cold at the top.

Reasons for Professional Service

Many homeowners choose to bleed their radiators and perform maintenance on their own, but you’ll get a much more thorough job done if you use a professional engineer, as part of an overall maintenance program. A professional engineer has extensive experience and knows precisely what to look for during the entire process. He also has the troubleshooting skills to know how to handle unexpected damage or occurrences that aren’t covered in a basic instruction guide. Find a local service provider and schedule a radiator maintenance appointment for best results.



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