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In a standard gas central heating system, you need a handful of components to distribute the heat to the different rooms of your house. The radiator is the last step when it comes to delivering heated air to you, so it has to be working at full capacity to get its job done. Radiators can last for quite some time, but expert installation and repair is a key component.

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Common Radiator Issues

Radiators perform a very important function in your home, and there are many different issues that can arise as it works away distributing heat. Some of the more common problems include individual radiators not getting hot, air inside the radiator, loud noises coming from the radiator, a rusty radiator, leaking radiator valves or a loose radiator. Not all of these are grounds for replacement or a new installation, but they certainly meet the criteria for repair. If you notice any issues with your radiators and aren’t sure if it is serious or not, always err on the side of caution and call for professional help.

Improving System Performance

When your radiators are on they should be giving out a consistent level of heat (unless you’ve fitted thermostatic valves to any of them to adjust the temperatures individually), and be a similar temperature across the whole body of the radiator.

If some of your radiators are only ever lukewarm, or are warm at the top but not at the bottom, there’s something wrong. Call us and we will come round and take a look, bleed them, balance them, get rid of any cold spots and set them all up so they heat your rooms nice and evenly. And if any of the valves are no longer working properly, we’ll replace them for you, fitting efficient thermostatic valves that give you more control over the heat.

When Should I Consider Replacement?

Most radiators have a long lifespan, but there does come a time when they must be replaced. As radiators get older, they become less efficient and end up costing you more money. When your heating bills continue to rise and the repair bills add up, replacing your radiators with newer, more efficient models is the way to go. Your local engineer will usually let you know if replacement seems like the wisest choice.

Professional Replacement or DIY?

When it comes to the various components of your central heating system, the radiators are some of the least complex to install, but most people still prefer to have a professional’s touch. If you’re one of these people, look for a service provider that has extensive experience with central heating systems and radiators in particular.

If you need a new system, we can install, repair, replace, tune up or overhaul any kind of central heating radiator. This includes vintage cast iron sectionals and their modern replicas, designer models that are really thermal sculptures, and fantastic bathroom towel radiators that give you a lovely warm wrap when climbing out of the shower.


Relocating Existing Systems

There’s no need to let radiators dictate the way you use your space, just because they are where they are.

Although it causes a little disruption, we can very often relocate radiators to a more convenient position in the room. Because of the efficiency of modern radiators it may be possible for the heat you need to be provided by a new radiator that takes up less wall space than the one it replaces. There’s also the option to use vertical radiators to replace older horizontal models, and this can again free up valuable wall space.

Radiators As Art

There are some truly beautiful radiators around, and in their own way these can create as striking a feature as a great mirror, an exciting picture or an amazing piece of furniture. If you’re planning on buying one, give us a call to discuss it first, just so we can advise you on whether it’s likely to deliver the desired heat output.


Radiator problems can disrupt the efficiency of your heating system, or cause it to stop working altogether. Call FD Plumbing & Heating on 020 7060 4770 in London and the surrounding area for expert radiator replacement and installation.



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