London Immersion Heater Installation & Repair

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Immersion Heater Installation Repair Services in London, UK

One way that many homeowners choose to heat the water in their property is with an immersion heater. This refers to a device that is inserted directly into the liquid to provide heat. Immersion heaters give you the ability to keep water heated to a specific temperature at all times, which is a major benefit for applications where consistent heat is required.

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Domestic Immersion Heaters

At FD Plumbing & Heating we help our customers install and repair domestic immersion heaters. These operate off the normal electrical supply, but you can opt for the more economical off-peak installation.

With an off-peak installation, the lower immersion heater connects to the off-peak heating circuit while the upper heater connects with the normal circuit. This allows you to take advantage of hot water whenever you need it.

We recommend quality immersion heater installations. Poor installation work can lead to greater operating costs. If you are looking to replace or add a new unit to your home, call FD Plumbing & Heating to discuss your options.

Insist on Professional Service

When you need an immersion heater installed for any application, choosing professional installation ensures safety and even heating. It’s always wise to consider the reason you want the heater installed, and then honestly ask yourself if an amateur could install it properly to carry out that application. If the answer is no, which it usually is, turn to an experienced professional who has intimate knowledge of every type of immersion heater, to get the best results possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are London based, which means you receive fast, prompt service no matter where you are in London and surrounding areas.
  • Our team delivers friendly service at competitive rates. There are no surprises when you work with us.
  • You can expect personalised solutions that get to the source of the problem, leading to your greater peace of mind.
  • Our engineers are highly qualified, Gas Safe Registered (formerly Corgi) and fully insured. Your property is in safe hands.

FD Plumbing & Heating works with your best interests in mind. We perform thorough assessments of your situation before starting on any work. This allows us to provide an accurate diagnosis so you can receive the right solution. You will never run into hidden charges or unnecessary up selling. Our process is straightforward and simple, with no room for hassle on your part.


If your immersion heater has been acting up and needs repairs, or if you’re in need of a new installation, call FD Plumbing & Heating today on 020 7060 4770 in the London area and we will provide you with a quick solution.



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