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Central Heating Pump Installation Repair Services in London, UK

A central heating pump is a water pump that pumps water around a central heating system. The pump sends hot water from your boiler to the radiators and back to the boiler. When the water leaves the boiler it is quite hot, but by the time it reaches the radiator and is used to heat the room, it has cooled. That cooled water goes back to the boiler to be heated and start the process once again.

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Expert Central Heating Pump Advice

Components of a Standard Central Heating Pump

There are several different components that make a heating pump function, and it is important for all of them to be in good working order if your central heating system is to run at peak efficiency. The pump includes connections for an electric supply cable and for water to flow in and out of the pump, a pump pressure adjust dial, pump bleed screw and electrical connections concealed behind a cover.

Common Central Heating Pump Issues

Just as your central heating pump has several parts and components, there are many issues that you may encounter that require repair. Some of the more common ones include overheating, the pump rattling or vibrating, grating or knocking sounds when the pump is in use, the pump only providing heat for some of your radiators, excess air in the pump or power cutting in and out when the pump is on. Anytime you notice your central heating pump not working as efficiently as it should, call for repairs before it shuts down altogether.

The Case for Professional Installation

Whether you are having a complete central heating system installed or just require a pump, only trust the installation to a qualified professional. An experienced engineer has the knowledge, skill and equipment to install your heating pump safely and effectively. He also has the troubleshooting skills to recognise problems and take action before any issue has a chance to develop into something more serious.

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If your central heating system has been causing problems, the pump could be to blame. Contact FD Plumbing & Heating in London and the surrounding areas and we will send an engineer to take care of it for you.

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