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Unique Ways to Clean and Sanitise Your Indoor Air

London AirEnhance Your Indoor Air Quality

If you want to maximise the health and well-being of all of the people in your household, then indoor air quality should always be an extremely important focus in your life. Fortunately, there are many convenient and hassle-free ways to sanitise and clean your indoor air on a regular basis.

When your indoor air is fresh and clean, you — and the rest of your family — will be able to breathe easy. If you take in unpleasant mold spores, you could experience side effects such as itching eyes, tightness of the chest and even incessant coughing.

Use Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, oddly enough, can be helpful for sanitising the air in your residence. Since pollutants are often water soluble, air conditioners can help get rid of them.

This is because they extract water from the environment and therefore at the same time extract pollutants from it. Air conditioners can also be effective for doing away with pesky pollen.

Open Your Windows

Sanitise the air in your home by infusing it with clean air from outside. If the air in your home is contaminated, fresher outdoor air will be able to minimise its hazards. Aim to keep your windows open for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes per day.

Just don’t do this is you reside right by a factory or other potential location of abundant contaminated air. If you reside in that type of environment, there’s a good chance that the air outdoors might even be more contaminated than the air inside of your home.

London Indoor-Air-ServicesUse a Dehumidifier

One of the keys to clean air in the home is dryness. Try to maintain relative humidity levels in your home that are no higher than 60 percent, for example.

A dehumidifier may be effective for helping you manage suitable humidity levels. If you use a dehumidifier to keep the air in your home nice and dry, clean it on a routine basis.

Turn Bathroom Fans On

You can sanitise the air in your home by making a point to turn your bathroom fans on. These vents are capable of pushing damp air out, which in turn minimises the chances of mold developing.

If you’re taking a shower, turn your bathroom fan on. Do the same if you’re using any type of product that consists of vapors or scent. Hairspray and nail polish are both examples.

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