Always Be Aware of Any Hidden Leaks

Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

Given enough time, even the smallest water leak can cause substantial damage and costly repairs. Hidden water leaks are even more harmful than the obvious ones, since they can go for prolonged periods of time before the problem is even detected.

But, if you pay close attention, you can find subtle clues that you do indeed have a hidden water leak. Here are five tell-tale signs to be aware of.

London, UK Plumbing Services1. You Smell a Damp, Musty Odour

When you enter your home, do you smell a lingering damp, musty odour? If so, that’s a very strong sign you have stagnant water somewhere in your home. Check underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks for any unexplained signs of moisture.

2. You Can Faintly Hear Water Running

When the house is empty, quietly walk through and carefully listen for sounds of running water through the pipes. If you hear it, you may have a leak.

3. You Notice Your Water Bill is Unusually High

Your monthly water bill could be your biggest clue that you have water leaking somewhere. Take a look at the last three water bills you received and compare them from the same three from last year.

By comparison, they should be relatively the same. If your overall usage has substantially increased without any reasonable explanation, chances are you have a leak.

4. Your Ceilings, Walls, or Floors are Sagging or Discoloured

Stained walls, sponge-like floors, and saggy ceilings are all obvious signs of leaking water damage. Check the general area to determine where the water is coming from. If you’re unable to find the apparent source, it’s likely that the pipes within the walls are leaking.

5. Your Water Meter Continues to Run, Even if the Water is Shut Off

Check your water meter if you think you have a leak. Pick a time when the house is empty and you know for sure no one is using water. First, mark the indicator on your water meter using a piece of chalk.

Wait at least an hour and return to check the meter. Since no one is using water, the indicator shouldn’t have moved at all. However, if it did, it’s likely there’s a leak somewhere hidden in your home.

If you discover any of these signs of leaking water in your home, it’s best to call an engineer. A professional engineer will be able to find and repair your water leak. If the damage produced any mould or mildew, or structural damage such as sagging walls, you’ll need to call a restoration team for water damage as well.

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