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Since your boiler controls the heat for your home and your hot water supply, it is important to keep it running well and maintained, especially during the colder months of the year. It’s easy to become panicked and anxious if your heating system suddenly breaks down during a cold spell, but if you have access to a reputable and experienced engineer to take control of the situation, it’s much easier to take.

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Heating Services in Tower Hamlets, UK

What’s Wrong with My Boiler?

Boilers have the potential to last for many years, but that doesn’t mean issues won’t come up along the way. You need a properly functioning boiler to heat the water that is sent through the system and ultimately into your living space. If you hear hissing, knocking, banging or vibrating when the boiler is running, you should call your local engineer. If you detect foul odours, notice an unusual amount of condensation on windows or see scorch marks near your appliances, then a boiler repair visit is in order.

Radiator Maintenance for a Warmer Home

The main goal of any heating system is to provide comforting, consistent heat when the homeowner wants it. In the case of a boiler central heating system, the radiators are a big part of reaching that goal. Keeping your radiators in good working condition is much easier if you have regular maintenance performed. Radiator maintenance cleans out the system thoroughly, it removes air trapped inside, it repairs water leaks and it ensures the radiators are in good physical condition. Properly maintained radiators run more efficiently, distributing heat more evenly and consistently, allowing you to reach your goal of a comfortable home. Call your local engineer to set up a maintenance schedule and get started.

More Heating Services in Tower Hamlets, London:

• Emergency 24 Hour Heating
• Gas Safety Certificates
• Boiler Repair & Fault Finding
• Radiator Installation

• Boiler Servicing
• Radiator Maintenance
• Thermostats & Central Heating Controls

• Thermostatic Valves
• Central Heating Repair & Upgrade
• Central Heating Installation
• Central Heating Pump
• Immersion Heaters
• Boiler Installation
• Powerflush

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