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Plumbing Services in Hammersmith Fulham, UK

Searching for a suitable engineer when you’re in the midst of plumbing troubles can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re panicked, it may be late at night and you have no time to explore any deeper than a name and number. If you are able to find one, the quality will be left to chance, and if you’re lucky the problem will be fixed. A more effective strategy is to locate a reputable engineer before you have a problem, so you can go slower and find one that is perfect for your home and budget.

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Signs of a Slow Water Leak in Your Home

A slow water leak that is not in plain view has the potential to cause serious water damage in your home, because you may not know it’s there for quite some time. If the appliances still work and the water pressure is the same from your taps, you might not find out until there is damage to the actual structure of the house. Rotting wood is a common effect of water damage, as is mould growth. Some of the signs you should watch for include damp carpets, walls and floors, mould and mildew, higher than average water bills, or sounds of dripping or running water behind walls.

Preventing Kitchen Drain Clogs

The best way to treat a kitchen drain clog is to prevent it from happening in the first place. In most cases, it is the people living in the house that create the clog, so prevention is up to you. If you clean all the food off plates thoroughly before rinsing the dishes, you will cut down on a lot of what ends up in the drains. Installing a good waste disposal unit will also help.

Additional Plumbing Services in Hammersmith & Fulham, London:

• Airlocks
• Burst Pipe Repair
• Electric Showers
• Gutters & Downpipes
• Kitchen Plumbing
• Tap Repair & Installation
• Kitchen Gas Lines
• Bathroom Plumbing
• Blocked Toilets
• Toilet Repair & Installation
• Pipework & Drain Replacement
• Pumps
• Water Tank Installation

• Vented & Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
• Waste Disposal Units
• Water Heaters
• Bidets
• Shower Installation
• Wet Room Plumbing
• Concealed Plumbing
• Towel Rails
• Saniflo Products
• Blocked Pipes & Drains
• Video Camera & Reports
• Ball Valves & Stopcocks
• Leaks & Overflows

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