London Central Heating Powerflush Services

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Central Heating Powerflush Services in London, UK

Your central heating system is responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year, and it is important that it remains clean. Regular maintenance can help in that regard, and one service in particular, known as a powerflush will keep your boiler cleaned out and running strong. The boiler generates the heat to get the process started, so keeping it clean and efficient is crucial.

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Does My System Need Powerflushing?

Over time, your boiler can develop a build-up of corrosion, creating a type of sludge that affects the boiler’s efficiency. When this happens, a deep cleaning is in order, and powerflushing is often the most effective choice. The powerflush treatment helps ensure your radiators heat up correctly and reduces the likelihood of cold spots. Powerflushing doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is comprehensive and it is effective. Common signs that powerflushing is necessary include some rooms being colder than others, radiators that are cold at the bottom or need frequent bleeding, and a noisy boiler.

Powerflush Benefits

Some of the benefits of having a powerflush treatment of your central heating system include lower heating bills, a more reliable heating system, a longer system life and more even heat distribution through the entire property. A powerflush usually only take a few hours, and the benefits will continue on for months.

Powerflushing uses a specially engineered machine to force water through your system at high speed but low pressure, so that nothing gets damaged. We use the Clearflow system, made by the industry leader, Kamco. The water, which contains specially formulated cleaning chemicals, is forced through each radiator individually, as well as through the system as a whole. There’s a magnetic filtration system in the machine, and this removes all rusted material from the water.

By the time we’ve finished, any sludge or debris has been purged from your system, and we recharge it with clean water and power it up again. You then have a clean and efficient system with properly working radiators and a boiler that won’t make unexpected sounds.

Before the Flush

Prior to the powerflush, it is important to record the temperatures from all the radiators and identify which ones have the cold spots. It’s also important to take a water sample, shut off all electrical controls, manually close automatic air vents and remove ant thermostatic radiator valve heads to ensure maximum flow. There are several other steps that are required to get your system ready, but your powerflush engineer will take care of them so the cleaning is done to perfection.

What About Chemical Cleansing?

Chemical cleansing is a less robust but more cost effective solution to removing sludge and debris from your central heating system. We do recommend powerflushing, as it’s more comprehensive, but if you are managing your budget then a chemical cleanse is an adequate option.

With chemical cleansing we open up the system, pour in special cleansing chemicals and then restart, leaving the system to circulate the chemical solution using its own pump. This cleanse is not suitable if your heating system is not in proper working order.

The solution may need to be left in the system for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.
Over time it breaks down the sludge, the radiators get hotter and the boiler should start to behave better. Once this happens, we return to drain out the chemical solution with the dissolved debris and refill the system with clean water.

The Powerflushing Professionals

Naturally, a proper powerflushing machine is required to get the job done right, as are engineers that know how to use it. We have extensive powerflushing experience, as well as extensive knowledge of the inner workings of central heating systems.

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