London Gas Safety Testing & Certification

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Gas Safety Testing Certification Services in London, UK

With all the gas appliances and pathways in the standard home, it’s little wonder that gas safety testing has been written into law. Safety is always a major issue where gas appliances and fixtures are concerned, so having gas safety testing and certification by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is a critical step.

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Your Obligation


If you own a property in which you have tenants, you are required by law to have the gas supply, boiler, appliances and flues checked and certificated annually.

As Gas Safe registered gas engineers, we’re authorised to carry out this check for you, and to issue the CP12 certificate that you must supply to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection, or at the time that they move into the premises.

When we carry out the check, we leave a copy of the certificate with/for your tenants, as well as providing a copy to you.
We can set up an annual reminder for you, so that you don’t have to give any further thought to this. Each year we will then contact you when the check is due, and make arrangements to go in and do it.

We can liaise with your tenants and/or managing agents over collecting and returning keys, and we can email electronic copies of the CP12 directly to you.


It is your legal obligation to get a new gas safety certificate every twelve months, according to the Gas Safety Regulations (Installation and Use) from 1998. The certificate is known as a CP12, and it is required for any pipe work, flues and gas appliances that are installed on your property.

At FD Plumbing & Heating we can carry out gas safety checks for you and issue you a Homeowner’s Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) detailing the checks carried out, for your peace of mind.


If you live in a rented property you should have been supplied with a current valid copy of the CP12 Gas Safety Record Certificate at the time that you moved in. This must be renewed every year by your landlord, and a copy of the new certificate provided to you.

If you do not have a current CP12 certificate, contact the managing agent who looks after the property, or your landlord directly, and ask them for one. If you pass on our details to them, we’d be pleased to come and carry out the check, issue the certificate and send a copy to the landlord by email

What Does the CP12 Include?

The CP12 shows the following:

  • a description and the location of each appliance and/or flue that we’ve checked
  • the name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the check
  • the date on which the appliance and/or flue was checked
  • the address of the property at which the appliances and/or flues are installed
  • any defects identified and any action required or taken to fix these
  • confirmation of the results of operational safety checks carried out on the appliances

What’s Included?

When you contact us for a gas safety certificate, there are several checks that will be completed as part of the service. These include checking gas appliances for gas tightness, checking all ventilation points, testing the flue flow and removing all products of combustion, checking flame failure devices and investigating evidence of unsafe operation if any exists. If all of the checks aren’t completed and reported, you won’t be issued a gas safety certificate and you’ll be operating your appliances in violation of the law.

If It’s Time, It’s Time

The key to staying on the right side of the law and getting the necessary CP12s is to create a schedule for all of your gas appliances and stick to it. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and put it off, but if you can make the testing part of your routine, you’ll be able to stick with it and you’ll never lag behind. If your personality requires a reminder, contact us and we will remind you when your annual testing time is approaching. We will also visit your home to perform the testing and we will issue your CP12s for all the necessary appliances and fixtures.

How Much Do We Charge For a CP12?

It’s easy. It’s a flat charge of £90+VAT for up to two appliances. If you have more than three it will be £25+VAT for each appliance thereafter.

If it’s time for your gas safety test, don’t put it off any longer. Call FD Plumbing & Heating at 020 7060 4770 in London for expert testing you can trust.

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