Boiler Repair

If something’s not quite right with your boiler, or if it’s decided to stop working entirely, call us on 020 7060 4770.
Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and experienced in fixing just about every make of boiler. (We are accredited by almost every major boiler manufacturer).

We’ll nearly always have you back up and running, with warm radiators and lots of hot water, within a few hours.

What to look out for?

If your boiler’s actually stopped working, then it’s obvious that you’ll need to call us.But there are many less obvious symptoms that tell you something’s not quite right as well. These might include:

  • Does the pressure dial on the front keeps dropping too low? (It should normally rest at 1.25 – 1.5 bar when the heating is off.)
  • Is your water suddenly scorching hot all the time?
  • Has the boiler lost its ability to differentiate between turning the hot water on and off and heating up the radiators?
  • Are there strange clanking noises coming from the boiler itself, or does the pilot light keep going out?
  • How about a constant drip of water from a pipe that comes through the outside wall behind the boiler?

Repairing your boiler

Whatever’s wrong, we’ll come over and have a look. We’ll find out what the problem is and explain what we’ll need to do to fix it.

As our engineers carry all the necessary equipment to get boilers back up and running, we can fix many problems on the spot. If we need specialist parts, we’ll get them for you quickly from our local suppliers, and come back and fit them.


Every boiler repair we do is backed with a six month guarantee on our work.

Accredited and guaranteed

Because we’re accredited installers for almost all major boiler manufacturers, we’re familiar with the specification and workings of all of their boilers, from the very newest to those they made twenty years ago. That’s why you can trust us to repair or adjust them.

And every boiler repair we do is backed with a six month guarantee on our work.