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Airlocks Services in London, UK

Although they are hidden from view most of the time, the pipes within your plumbing system must remain in good working condition if your household is to run smoothly. Problems with blocked pipes and backed-up drains create an uncomfortable time for everyone. One issue that causes a lot of problems in some homes is an airlock.

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What is an Airlock?

An airlock refers to the restriction or stoppage of liquid (water) within a pipe, from gas being trapped inside. Since gas is not as dense as liquid, it rises to the highest points of the pipe and when pressure is applied, it halts the flow of water. In some cases, this trapped gas forms bubbles that can come out of the tap when you turn on the water, but restrictions or complete blockages can also occur.

Why Do Airlocks Occur?

An airlock may occur in your pipes if the system has been emptied for servicing and is being filled once again, or if pipe work or a pump has been poorly installed and is pulling air into the system. Sometimes it is necessary to vent the highest points in the system to prevent airlocks.

Professional Airlock Solutions

If you have intimate knowledge of your plumbing system and have experience making repairs you may be able to tackle the removal of an airlock on your own. However, in most cases it is wise to defer to professionals. Your local engineer may need to increase the water pressure to help push the bubble through. This may be accomplished by turning on the water or by inserting a hose at the correct spot, with the correct amount of pressure.

If increasing the pressure is not enough to eliminate the airlock, the engineer may have to drain the entire system. The main water valve must be shut off, all the taps turned to the on position so they are drained and all the toilets flushed so they are empty. Next, the main water valve is turned back on and the airlock should be removed. Many homeowners like to try these repairs on their own but for guaranteed success, we recommend calling on a professional.

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